1 Chronicles 23

1 Chronicles 23

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1 Chronicles 23 Commentary

by Hank Workman

David’s life was coming to an end.  His life was a testament to the grace of God, the leading of His ways.  In many aspects throughout the stories recorded we read of some pretty awful choices, sinful behavior, and brutal consequences.  None of this deterred him from loving and following God.  He faithfully would return to Him in brokenness and then be re-energized to love Him more.  He understood grace firsthand.

What also is quite remarkable is David worked until he could no more physically on something he would never see completed.  He made preparations for the temple physically but for the next 5 chapters, we read of how he organized how the administration and worship services themselves would run.  It says so much of his character.

In an intriguing way, it would centuries later when Israel was sent off to exile to Babylon.  They would lose everything.  After 70 years a remnant would be sent back to rebuild the ruined temple.  Ezra, the author of Chronicles, would be one of the priests who went.  He would turn to the documents David wrote concerning the procedures of how the temple was to run and what was to be done.

These chapters reveal the selfless character of David and love for God in worship.  Are we leaving behind the same things to future generations?  It’s a hard question because we have no idea really. What matters is how as we love our God, serve our Jesus, worship Him fully because of the grace given now.

1 Chronicles 23 Commentary

by Brad Boyles

David appoints Solomon king, then numbers the Levites for their special work. He made arrangements to ensure that the worship of the true and living God would continue long beyond his life.

These were the sons of Levi by their fathers’ houses, the heads of fathers’ houses as they were listed according to the number of the names of the individuals from twenty years old and upward who were to do the work for the service of the house of the LORD.

1 Chronicles 23:24 ESV

David changed the Levite’s age from 30 to 20 in order to provide more workers for the future temple. A Levite priest would then begin at age 20 and “retire” at age 50, but could still participate in the duties with their brothers. As Selman writes…

“Temple service will certainly have brought increased work, even though the occasional duty of transporting the ark was now to be abolished. In fact, the Levites and their duties had suffered from long-standing neglect.”

Neglect of worship. I have reminded myself of this subtle but damaging trait we tend to fall into. Though it’s not a formal “duty” required for us as Christians, the cross leads us to worship. God in all his glory leads us to worship. But many times we neglect it and push it aside with good intentions. “I’ll do it tonight.” “I’ll do it tomorrow.” “I just don’t have enough time right now.” These are all excuses we’ve all made in justifying our lack of worship.

But within grace, there is a new day to come before the throne of God. Within Christ, we can repent and turn from our lack of commitment and recommit our lives to his purposes. Is this something you need?

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