Isaiah 32

Isaiah 32

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A King Will Reign in Righteousness

32   Behold, a king will reign in righteousness,
    and princes will rule in justice.
  Each will be like a hiding place from the wind,
    a shelter from the storm,
  like streams of water in a dry place,
    like the shade of a great rock in a weary land.
  Then the eyes of those who see will not be closed,
    and the ears of those who hear will give attention.
  The heart of the hasty will understand and know,
    and the tongue of the stammerers will hasten to speak distinctly.
  The fool will no more be called noble,
    nor the scoundrel said to be honorable.
  For the fool speaks folly,
    and his heart is busy with iniquity,
  to practice ungodliness,
    to utter error concerning the LORD,
  to leave the craving of the hungry unsatisfied,
    and to deprive the thirsty of drink.
  As for the scoundrel—his devices are evil;
    he plans wicked schemes
  to ruin the poor with lying words,
    even when the plea of the needy is right.
  But he who is noble plans noble things,
    and on noble things he stands.

Complacent Women Warned of Disaster

  Rise up, you women who are at ease, hear my voice;
    you complacent daughters, give ear to my speech.
  In little more than a year
    you will shudder, you complacent women;
  for the grape harvest fails,
    the fruit harvest will not come.
  Tremble, you women who are at ease,
    shudder, you complacent ones;
  strip, and make yourselves bare,
    and tie sackcloth around your waist.
  Beat your breasts for the pleasant fields,
    for the fruitful vine,
  for the soil of my people
    growing up in thorns and briers,
  yes, for all the joyous houses
    in the exultant city.
  For the palace is forsaken,
    the populous city deserted;
  the hill and the watchtower
    will become dens forever,
  a joy of wild donkeys,
    a pasture of flocks;
  until the Spirit is poured upon us from on high,
    and the wilderness becomes a fruitful field,
    and the fruitful field is deemed a forest.
  Then justice will dwell in the wilderness,
    and righteousness abide in the fruitful field.
  And the effect of righteousness will be peace,
    and the result of righteousness, quietness and trust forever.
  My people will abide in a peaceful habitation,
    in secure dwellings, and in quiet resting places.
  And it will hail when the forest falls down,
    and the city will be utterly laid low.
  Happy are you who sow beside all waters,
    who let the feet of the ox and the donkey range free.


Isaiah 32 Commentary

by Hank Workman

The Spirit of God is what makes a difference in our lives.  Through the tough times, the hardship, the questioning even, it is the Holy Spirit who equips us to stand, remain steadfast and move forward in trust beyond.

What’s so beautifully spoken at the end of this prophecy is the concept of the Spirit being poured out upon God’s people.  It’s not just a sprinkle or like a finger flicking water upon another.  I envision a faucet being turned on full blast we stand under and are completely drenched.  The picture is of the Spirit completely soaking us.

Only when God’s Spirit is poured out can we land in true peace and absolute fruitfulness.  As Jesus spoke in his beautiful teaching about the attributes of the Spirit in John 15 and 16, He is available to all who believe.  His presence makes a complete difference.  The barren and desolate become full of life and fruit.  The fields of which we labor become like forests.  What was good even, becomes better.

I am so grateful for the work of the Spirit in my life.  The work and tweaking and yes, the messing He does with me over and over again; I am not sure where I would be without Him.  It’s not just about the refinement of which He’s at work accomplishing, it is also the absolute peace and assurance He provides.  I realize too I need a fresh outpouring of Him each and every day.  There is such a need to keep my appointments with God in my prayer and study.  But there is also a need to be open and seek the Spirit for a fresh drenching.

Sometimes we settle for less then what we are offered.  More often than not we pursue things through our own wisdom, which is folly compared to what God has made available.  Pursue the Spirit.  Open yourself up to His lead.  Allow Him to meddle and mess with you.  It’s always toward the better of kingdom advancement in our circle but also for a greater work of which He’s calling us to.

Isaiah 32 Commentary

by Brad Boyles

Isaiah’s description of a true king is exactly what we all desire. He is righteous, just, and a source of protection and support. This king would contrast many other kings that ruled in ancient history. The most important trait of this king is that he would open the human heart to be used for spiritual purposes, and put an end to the continual rebellion. The irony is so thick considering God’s people were described by God as being blind, deaf, and stammerers.

Historically, the people would soon be under King Hezekiah’s rule. It’s possible Isaiah thought that he would fulfill this Messianic role. We know, today, that Jesus is the true King.

The main point here to consider is whether we reflect the kind of leadership described in this chapter. We, as disciples of Jesus, should embody the leadership characteristics of our King. This is why verse 1 goes on to describe the princes.

Behold, a king will reign righteously And princes will rule justly. 2 Each will be like a refuge from the wind And a shelter from the storm, Like streams of water in a dry country, Like the shade of a huge rock in a parched land.

Isaiah 32:1-2 NASB

So, is this you? Are you, through the Holy Spirit, righteous and just in your leadership? Are you like a refuge for those around you? Those who humbly follow after Jesus will have their senses sharpened for God’s kingdom.

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