Matthew 10

Matthew 10

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Matthew 10 Commentary

by Hank Workman

In the choosing of the disciples, it is obvious he didn’t decide who ‘qualified’ for the job based on pedigree or social standing.  They had none.  They were as diverse of a group ever.  And for each of these men, none were drafted.  They weren’t forced.  He simply called them.  This would be a definitive decision on their part if they would join.

He also didn’t pull a bait and switch with getting them to follow.  He laid out the good, the bad and the ugly that would come if they chose to follow after Him.  On many fronts, it’s almost like He attempted to talk them out of it!  They would be going out like sheep among wolves.  Wolves look for any chance to jump their prey and devour.  They were to earn their keep.  Some would receive them others would not.  Persecution would come and it would be tough – even losing their lives.  There would be betrayal.  In the end even family would possibly turn against them.  They were not to love their life more than Him.

Remarkably they chose to follow.

It is no doubt that these same warnings are true for all who choose to follow Jesus.  Being full out committed to Him and His calling is at times even a daily struggle.  We attempt to do the right thing, do good for others and sometimes the push back is rough.  There are times we work the fields laid before us and see no sign of any growth.  People come against us.  The attacks seem personal.

Jesus called them to stand firm to the end.  So must we.

Fair weather Believers don’t last.  Following Jesus requires we sink our roots daily in Him.  It is abundantly clear that our own agenda, our own way of doing things must be met with humility as we lay ourselves before Him each day; arrest our own form of thinking throughout that day, and yield it to Him and His Spirit.  The mission of Jesus and His calling rests firmly on our obedience and reliance on Him.

Matthew 10 Commentary

by Brad Boyles

Jesus’ selections were complete. Among his disciples were some strange picks by human standards. Among those chosen were a tax collector, several fishermen, and a religious zealot who opposed Rome. Many were unschooled men.

You might wonder what made these men decide so quickly to just “follow” Jesus. Why would James and John (sons of Zebedee) abandon the family business for Jesus? Why would Peter and Andrew just walk out on their fishing jobs?

The first thing we must realize is that Jesus was considered to be a highly educated elite-level Rabbi. He is addressed as a Rabbi, (or Teacher) by the Pharisees, the poor, his disciples, and many other different types of people during His ministry. He was also a prominent figure in Galilee, which housed the most religious Jews in the world during Jesus’ time. The greatest honor was to follow a Rabbi as an apprentice which was known as a Talmidim. It was customary for the Talmidim (student) to ask the Rabbi (teacher) if he could follow him. This basically just meant that the student would come under the authority and teaching of the Rabbi to learn the religious law, the Scriptures, etc.

This is not what happened though. Jesus went to his students and hand-picked them by asking them to follow Him! A modern-day equivalent to this would be a highly-successful wall-street broker going into a high school cafeteria and asking a high school student to follow him. Of course they would drop out of high school to pursue a career with such a well-established businessman!

In the Jewish world, it was even more significant, because men like Peter, Andrew and others who had settled into their blue-collar environment would never have had the opportunity to become educated or receive such a highly-regarded social/religious position. If Jesus wanted them, it meant that He saw something in them that was different from anyone else. Deep down, He saw the potential that would enable these men to do exactly what He called them to do – follow Him.

Jesus is still in the business of making disciples. If you are a believer, you have professed to follow Christ, and in many ways, He has chosen you! He sees potential and commitment in your character that, through the Holy Spirit, has the capability to echo into eternity. How seriously do you take your calling? How seriously do you follow Him? Are you willing (if necessary) to step away from everything about your old life in order to pursue a life with Jesus? Are you following Him today?

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