Proverbs 7

Proverbs 7

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Proverbs 7 Commentary

by Hank Workman

The ancients used the phrase “apple of the eye” in reference to the pupil due to its shape.  They believed it captured what was important to us and showed the way of our heart.  For the third time, Solomon warns his son of having the Word of God a part of his life and embraced to help resist temptation toward sin. 

As this chapter speaks, although actions show themselves as we can easily walk toward sinful behavior, the heart of the issue is… the heart.  It is all too often where we make decisions that are detrimental to our life.  So here, Solomon warns of the adulteress and her temptations.  In fairly graphic imagery he sums up her antics that giving in her house is the way to hell.

Peeling back the progression of the adulteress tempting the simple young man, her strategies are given.  Whether metaphorically or Solomon actually watched this happen or had experienced it, these progressions are often what lead us down giving into temptation.

She was dressed to allure and tempt him.  Her approach was bold.  She invited him to her place where they would be alone.  She answers with ‘reason’ to every objection given and persuades him with smooth talk.  The trap is set and he takes it.

Our counter-attack is to be proactive.  God’s word must be kept and treasured.  It must become what is the apple of our own eye, partaking and reading it daily.  It is through the Word we are washed and renewed and it is what will help us stand strong.  But it’s more than that.  The Word of God is transformative and will help us recognize when we are walking toward things we should not.  What we do with our lives and why we do it must reflect the ever-powerful influence of the Word.

Proverbs 7 Commentary

by Brad Boyles

Verse 7 reads…

“Once I was looking out the window of my house, 7 and I saw many inexperienced young men, but noticed one foolish fellow in particular.”

Proverbs 7:6-7 GNB

The type of person specifically targeted in this chapter is a simple, naive, young man. Spiritually, he is staring down a fork in the road where one path is wisdom and the other is foolishness. The “middle ground” of being simple is not necessarily sinful, but it is a vulnerable place to be because there is little spiritual maturity. It is a place of ignorance.

I liken this to the Corinthians who Paul calls “infants” in their faith and “babies” who are not ready to be fed solid food. The Psalms and Proverbs speak extensively to the difference between wise men and fools coming down to a choice. Yes, youth and inexperience play a factor in those choices but the point of this chapter is to “turn” this young person in the direction of wisdom. By default, we are wired towards sin and without intervention, we will continue to choose folly. It always comes down to a choice.

Many of us have walked a path of foolishness in our own lives and then made the choice to turn toward Godly wisdom. It is so difficult when we see others make the same sin choices we did. This is what we find in Proverbs 7. In the world we live, it is offensive to tell someone not to do what they want. However, it’s actually hateful to watch someone go down the same path you did and NOT say something!

The Scriptures provide a path of insight for those who are standing on middle ground and wondering where to go next. It is an act of sheer grace because we are all “simple people” to the ways of God. Once a simple person begins to experience the Bible, their wisdom and knowledge of God’s ways will increase and the Holy Spirit will lead them down a path of truth.

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